True Time Services


The Heart of America Series is coordinated by True Time Racing Services.

True Time provides race scoring for triathlons, duathlons, and road races all over the Midwest, including the Pigman, Hickory Grove, Bluff Creek, and Cyman triathlons in the Heart of America series. True Time offers a wide range of services to help in making any event a complete success.

True Time Racing is owned by Alex Syhlman. Visit True Time at

One thought on “True Time Services

  1. John and team, thanks for a great Long Course Pigman yesterday! As a first timer to the Half Ironman, I was impressed with all the volunteers, the music being played both on bike and run, as well as all the extra efforts into helping athletes along the route. Wow!!! First class treatment! I certainly didn’t expect anything like this but I really appreciate all the extras that you and your team go through to coordinate and host such a successful event!!!

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