COVID-19 Update

April 3, 2020 This article was updated on April 7. Tri Clear Lake just announced a date change. The sprint and Olympic distance event will now be held on September 5. “The Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce/TRI Clear Lake Committee has been coordinating with USA Triathlon and closely monitoring critical developments in recent weeks,Continue reading “COVID-19 Update”

A Message from USA Triathlon CEO Rocky Harris

Dear USA Triathlon Family, These are challenging times. As we all navigate the momentous impact of COVID-19 on our daily lives and those of our loved ones, we are also faced with the reality that our multisport world has been impacted significantly. But we’re triathletes. We’re strong. We adapt. We overcome adversity. And, I urgeContinue reading “A Message from USA Triathlon CEO Rocky Harris”

Heart of America Standings

Kathy Christiansen, Tami Fiala, and Nancy Fox are the point leaders in the latest Heart of America Series Standings for women. Duane Staskal, Austin Jones, and Todd Dalecky top the leaderboard on the men’s side. Click here for the complete Heart of America August Standings The final race in the 2018 points series will beContinue reading “Heart of America Standings”

2017 CyMan: One Hot Autumn Race!

by Ron Adkins Heart of America Triathlon News Normally, the CyMan Triathlon crowd is bundled up and clutching mugs of coffee. Sadly, not this year. The Summer of unpredictable Iowa weather carried on into Autumn, with sunny skies and a high in the 90’s. Water temperature at Lake Petocka near Bondurant was, surprisingly, a wetsuit-legalContinue reading “2017 CyMan: One Hot Autumn Race!”

Accel 2017: It Just Keeps Getting Better

by Ron Adkins Heart of America Triathlon News   Race Director Tony Pollastrini was thrilled by the success of the 5th annual Accel Triathlon. As if on cue, the week’s oppressive humidity dissipated, leaving behind a mild, sunny, and dry morning. It was a vast improvement, Tony noted, from last year, when thunderstorms forced theContinue reading “Accel 2017: It Just Keeps Getting Better”

Copper Creek 2017 – More Powerful Than A Locomotive!

by Ron Adkins Heart of America Triathlon News   The 2017 running of the Copper Creek Tri Sprint was a race of many firsts: Copper Creek’s 11th year was also its first as part of the Heart of America Triathlon Series. This year marked the first Copper Creek to include an Olympic distance course. ItContinue reading “Copper Creek 2017 – More Powerful Than A Locomotive!”

2017 Pigman – Just About Perfect

By Ron Adkins Heart of America Triathlon News   Race Director John Snitko couldn’t have asked for much better conditions on Sunday, June 4, for the 2017 running of the Pigman Sprint Triathlon, and the times proved it. A pre-dawn squall passed quickly, leaving a colorful sunrise and a near cloudless sky. Despite the heat –Continue reading “2017 Pigman – Just About Perfect”

Hickory Grove 2017: Cold Day, Hot Race

by Ron Adkins Heart of America Triathlon News It was a fast and frigid start to the 2017 Heart of America Triathlon Series. Nearly 200 stalwart triathletes and their legion of loyal* supporters were treated to cloudy skies, brisk wind, and 45 degrees as they gathered for this years’ running of the Hickory Grove Triathlon,Continue reading “Hickory Grove 2017: Cold Day, Hot Race”

Cyman 2016 – A Race for Everyone

Athletes of all ages and abilities closed the Heart of America Season Sept 18 in Lake Petocka Park in Bondurant for the Cyman Triathlon. More Cyman pictures here. The ISU Triathlon Club worked extra hard on marketing the race this year, and it showed in increased participation. The race grew from fewer than 170 participantsContinue reading “Cyman 2016 – A Race for Everyone”

Bluff Creek 2016: Motivation and Inspiration Makes For A Great Race

by Ron Adkins It’s 4:17am on Sunday, July 31. My colleague, Dennis Green, and I are on the road to the 2016 Bluff Creek Triathlon at Don Williams State Park near Ogden, Iowa. We’ve been heading west on Highway 30 for half an hour and have encountered maybe three other vehicles in the pre-dawn morning.Continue reading “Bluff Creek 2016: Motivation and Inspiration Makes For A Great Race”