Heart of America 2020 Race Dates

CORONOVIRUS UPDATE: As of April 7, two races have been rescheduled to September and October. At this point, the first race in the series will be the Pigman Triathlon on June 7. Stay connected to HOA and the individual races you intend to participate in for news and information on this dynamic situation. Be strong,Continue reading “Heart of America 2020 Race Dates”

Cyman 2019 – Damp Roads, High Spirits

by Dennis Green Heart of America Triathlon News A little rain wasn’t going to stop the Cyclones from throwing a great party to close out the 2019 Heart of America series. Intermittent showers greeted morning arrivals at Lake Petocka, near Bondurant for the annual running of the race, organized by the Iowa State University TriathlonContinue reading “Cyman 2019 – Damp Roads, High Spirits”

Bluff Creek 2019 – Fast Course, Furious Weather

  by Ron Adkins That electric feeling in the air at the 2019 Bluff Creek Triathlon was due, in part, to the massive storm front that blew through Don Williams Park near Ogden before sunrise. An impressive lightning display kept crews off the lake, delaying the buoy deployment for the swim. Thanks to Race DirectorContinue reading “Bluff Creek 2019 – Fast Course, Furious Weather”

2019 Camp Courageous – All Heart

The Camp Courageous Sprint Triathlon occupies a special place in the hearts of the athletes who participate each year. From the elites who race the entire Heart of America Series to the recreational athletes who only do one race a year, everyone feels good about this event that supports the special needs campers served byContinue reading “2019 Camp Courageous – All Heart”

Smokin’ Debut – Ames Triathlon 2019

A late-June heat wave did little to dampen the spirits of 275 hardy souls who turned out at Ada Hayden Heritage Park for the inaugural Ames Triathlon. When Hickory Grove had to go on hiatus due to a lake dredging project, race director Alex Syhlman immediately set his eyes on the beautiful facility on theContinue reading “Smokin’ Debut – Ames Triathlon 2019”

Quad Cities 2019: “Number 20 Goes Down”

by Ron Adkins Yeah, it was a little chilly, a little cloudy, then a little rainy. The 70-degree water at West Park brought shivers to even intrepid racers. But the energy was palpable among nearly 400 triathletes gathered on the beach for the 20th running of the Quad Cities Triathlon. Kirby Winn, stepping into theContinue reading “Quad Cities 2019: “Number 20 Goes Down””

TRI Clear Lake 2019 – Great Fun at the Lake

In just its third year, TRI Clear Lake has become a favorite race for triathletes around the Midwest. Nearly 300 participants raced this year, and universally agreed the experience was scenic and fun. TRI Clear Lake takes advantage of its location by adding a few meters to its swim, which is 750 meters rather thanContinue reading “TRI Clear Lake 2019 – Great Fun at the Lake”

Pigman 2019 – Perfect Day, Lots of Champs

Pleasant Creek Lake is full again, and Eastern Iowa provided a perfect day for the 28th Pigman. Low humidity, temps in the 70s and a light breeze made for one of the best race days in recent memory. In addition to a full, clean lake, the 2019 running of the Pigman also debuted some courseContinue reading “Pigman 2019 – Perfect Day, Lots of Champs”

TriByKnight 2019 – A Great Way to Start

by Ron Adkins The Heart of America series kicked off the 2019 slate May 4thin Waverly with Wartburg College’s TriByKnight Triathlon. Conditions couldn’t have been much better. The weather was clear with a decent breeze. Racers seemed in great spirits – excited, even – to begin the HOA season. Race co-director Carrie Tysdahl was delighted.Continue reading “TriByKnight 2019 – A Great Way to Start”

Hickory Grove on Break – New Ames Event!

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is making improvements to the Hickory Grove Park Lake, which means it will be drained. This is a multi-year project, from now until the lake is full again, which means the Hickory Grove Triathlon will be on hiatus until the lake is back to full strength. But mark yourContinue reading “Hickory Grove on Break – New Ames Event!”