Heart of America Champions Wave!

Thirty-three winners of the 2016 Heart of America (HOA) Championship series have the opportunity to race for the Championship crown Sunday, Sept. 18 at Cyman. Throughout the season, all athletes who participate in an HOA race get points for each race they do. At the end of the season, we recognize the top three overallContinue reading “Heart of America Champions Wave!”

Pigman Changes Make for a Better Spectator Experience

by Ron Adkins Heart of America Triathlon News Despite the racing teams and tri clubs, triathlons are pretty much an individual sport. Racers generally train on their own, and for the most part, are out to beat their own personal bests, not to beat a particular competitor. And those cheering them on are usually theContinue reading “Pigman Changes Make for a Better Spectator Experience”

Sandy Campbell Is Just Getting Started

By Ron Adkins Heart of America Triathlon News A great joy of triathlons is encountering extraordinary people who lace up for these races. These people know full well they will never get rich or famous racing. They do it to fulfill a personal goal, to tick off a bucket list item, or to run inContinue reading “Sandy Campbell Is Just Getting Started”

Joyce Bricker is the CyMan’s IronMan

By Ron Adkins Joyce Bricker does whatever it takes to compete in the Cy-Man. “I’ve never missed one yet,” she proclaims proudly. Joyce has raced through pain, through injury, and through nasty weather. This year, she’s racing despite the loss of her two regular teammates. Joyce, who works in the Statistics building at Iowa StateContinue reading “Joyce Bricker is the CyMan’s IronMan”

Liz Gets it Done for True Time

by Ron Adkins Heart of America Triathlon News   Organizing a triathlon is an incredible amount of work. Months of planning and coordination takes place behind the scenes before race day, before everyone gets in the still-dark morning to put it all together. And even then, it’s ‘all hands on deck’ during the race toContinue reading “Liz Gets it Done for True Time”

Lyle Roberts – Still Having Fun

By Dennis Green His award always comes last. But that’s because he sits at the very top. Of the age results, that is. At age 82, Lyle Roberts of Burlington, Iowa, is the oldest athlete to regularly compete on the Heart of America circuit. I caught up with Lyle recently during some uncharacteristic downtime, whileContinue reading “Lyle Roberts – Still Having Fun”

This One Time, At Tri Camp….

By Dennis Green Heart of America Triathlon News Most of us train and prepare for races using a combination of tips from friends, research from books and online articles, and a lot of trial and error. But while there are no shortcuts to success, one way to eliminate some of the trial and error partContinue reading “This One Time, At Tri Camp….”

For Kayla, Lots of Good Things The Second Time Around

By Ron Adkins Heart of America Triathlon News Kayla Soliday’s second tri ever was the recent Best Dam Triathlon, where she competed in the Olympic-length course to qualify for Collegiate Nationals later this year. By coincidence, her first triathlon was at last year’s Collegiate Nationals. Kayla competes as part of the Iowa State University TriathlonContinue reading “For Kayla, Lots of Good Things The Second Time Around”

Camp Courageous Run A Great Birthday Present For Maggie

by Ron Adkins Heart of America Triathlon News Maggie Miskimen of Cedar Rapids posted an impressive 24:46 run as the anchor of the mighty Miskimen family triathlon team at the recent Camp Courageous Tri Sprint. Mom Shelley kicked off the race with the swim, and dad Kent rode the bike course. But it was MaggieContinue reading “Camp Courageous Run A Great Birthday Present For Maggie”