The Series

The Heart of America series series is comprised of the best triathlons in the Midwest- all well run events on quality courses – offering a wide range of challenges. Each race in the series is put on by different race organizations creating a similar but unique racing experience. All events in the Heart of America Triathlon Series are USA Triathlon sanctioned and all are chip timed for accurate and timely results.

Points are awarded for participating in each race.  Series winners receive free entries into each of next year’s races.


There are no additional steps or hidden costs to participate in this series. When you complete one of the races in the series, your points will be automatically calculated and posted on this website.


  • Participants are awarded full points for all races they complete during the year.
  • Overall winners (male & female) receive 1,000 points.
  • Each participant earns points based on the percentage behind the overall winner. As an example, if your time is 20 percent slower than the overall winner, you will receive 800 points.


  • Top 3 overall male and female
  • Top 1 masters male and female
  • Top 1 age group male and female (19 & under, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65 & above)
  • Age groups will be determined by participant’s age on December 31st. This is the same as the USA Triathlon rules.
  • Awards will be given out at the series championship or mailed out to the winners.


The Heart of America Triathlon Series championship race will determine the winners of free entries into the 2016 Heart of America Triathlon Series races. The Cyman Triathlon on September 20th will host this year’s series championship. The race will feature a special wave start dedicated for the series champions. Only series award winners are eligible to win the free entries.

  • Only series award winners qualify to race in the championship wave.
  • Age grading will be used to equalize the series championship field.
  • Winners will receive free entries into 2016 Heart of America Triathlon Series races as follows:
  • First place male and female will win free entries into all 2016 races
  • Second place male and female will win free entries into 4 of the 2016 races
  • Third place male and female will win free entries into 3 of the 2016 races
  • Fourth place male and female will win free entries into 2 of the 2016 races
  • Fifth place male and female will win free entries into 1 of the 2016 races
  • Series award winners are not guaranteed a spot in this race if it fills up prior to their registration. Sign up early for this race especially if you feel you will qualify for the series championship.
  • Full series points will be given to all finishers of Cyman. The points will be for the first race in the 2016 season.


  1. Someone told me that the start of the series is actually the TriHawk Triathlon. So the 2012 series starts with the 2011 TriHawk Tri. Is this correct? Thanks!

    • Depends on how you look at it, I guess. TriHawks is the “championship” race of the current season, but any points you accrue by participating go to your 2012 total.

  2. Do the points from 2010 Trihawk still count for the 2011 series?

    • Yes, the points from the 2010 TriHawk go to the 2011 series.

  3. Where do we find out how many points we earned for the 2011 TriHawks for the 2012 series?


    • Points that will include TriHawks won’t be posted till after the first race of the 2012 season. However, you can calculate them yourself. The overall male and female winners each get 1,000 points. Take your finish time and compute what percentage you were behind the overall winner’s time. Multiply that percentage by 1,000 and you get your points.

      So, let’s say the winner finishes in 1:11 (71 minutes) and I finish in 1:41 (111) minutes. 71/101 = .7029 x 1000, I would get 702 points.

      Don’t you just love story problems? 🙂

  4. Is the Olympic distance race an HOA race that will earn points for the series, or is it only the sprint distance that awards the points to the series? Thanks!

    • For this year at least, only the Sprint Race at the Best Damn Tri will count toward HOA points.

  5. Will this continue in 2013?


    • Do you mean only points from the Sprint counting toward the series? If so, we’re figuring all that out and will post information about 2013 in general and this topic in particular later this fall.

      • Just making sure the series would be around in 2013! Thanks!

  6. Hello,
    I was just looking at the Cy Man and Best Dam Tri they have different dates depending on where you look. Also is Best Dam still the HOA championship if it is truely Sept.8th and Cy Man is the 15th? Thanks Kim

    • The dates on the calendar are correct. Best Dam just announced a date change, moving to the 8th. That race will to be the Championship. We’re figuring things out and will post when we have everything ironed out.

  7. Hi Dennis,
    Any updates on which race is the Championship race? Also when will the 2013 standings be posted?

  8. CyMan will be the Championship race. I will check with JS on standings.

  9. […] While I am looking at events for this upcoming Spring, Summer, and Fall I noticed that the 2015 Heart of America Triathlon Series was also posted. For those interested in participating in one or more of these events, additional information and each event is linked here. […]

  10. Love this Heart of American Triathlon series! Was wondering if there is a link to see the current standings for 2019?

    • We haven’t calculated standings yet, it’s kind of labor intensive. Planning to have them up after next week’s Ames race.

      • Awesome, thank you

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