Pigman 2019 – Perfect Day, Lots of Champs

IMG_2510Pleasant Creek Lake is full again, and Eastern Iowa provided a perfect day for the 28th Pigman. Low humidity, temps in the 70s and a light breeze made for one of the best race days in recent memory.

In addition to a full, clean lake, the 2019 running of the Pigman also debuted some course changes, and new division championships. The run morphed from an out-and-back course, shared with the bike route, to a spectator-friendly two-loop course, which did not intersect with the bike, adding safety and an extra dose of fun.

The Pigman crowns more champions than any other race in the Heart of America series. The race is in its second year as USAT’s Iowa High School State Championship race, and is also a USAT Iowa Age Group State Championship races, qualifying the top competitors of each age group for the 2019 Olympic-Distance Age Group National Championships. Pigman is also a regional qualifier for Collegiate triathlon.

Which makes for a long awards ceremony! But it was a pleasure to see dozens of happy racers take home the traditional Pigman Piggy Bank (not to mention the USAT socks awarded to high school champs).

Iowa H.E.A.T. took home the Club championship cash prize of $250.

USAT High School State Championship participants

The Pigman uses a gender-equalized start, with the elite women taking off several minutes before the elite men, with an extra $750 at stake for the first person to either gender to cross the finish line. The offset is determined by the difference between the course record between males and females. Women’s champ Rachel Mensch from Madison, Wisconsin grabbed the extra cash, topping the leaderboard and crossing the finish line first in 1:08:51. Rachel’s Madison Multisport teammate Vant Lammers claimed the men’s crown, finishing in 01:02:17. However, since Vant is Rachel’s boyfriend, she said she’d be buying him something nice with some of the money!

The Iowa High School State Champion female was Tatum Frazier, posting a 1:32:06. On the men’s side, the winner was Anthony Lee with a 1:12:58.

In the collegiate division, Jeff Mettler of ISU won on the men’s side, and Minnesota Gopher Sophie Rabino claimed the women’s prize.

Iowa State Age Group Champions were Ian Hoover-Grinde and Joanna Hall.

Here are some of the many champions who came home with awards.

Men’s Overall Top 5

  1. Vant Lammers
  2. Andy Vasquez
  3. Jake Rhyner
  4. Ian Hoover-Grinde
  5. Patrick Parish

Women’s Overall Top 5

  1. Rachel Mensch
  2. Morgan Chaffin
  3. Jess Smith
  4. Joanna Hall
  5. Marissa Lovell

USAT High School State Championship (Men)

  1. Anthony Lee
  2. Evan Sharafuddin
  3. Quintin Gay
  4. Jacob Buchele
  5. William Rolfstad

USAT High School State Championship (Women)

  1. Tatum Frazier
  2. Bethany Smeed
  3. Maddie Swick
  4. Claudia Gay
  5. Elise Cagnard

USAT Age Group State Championship (Men)

  1. Ian Hoover-Grinde
  2. Jeff Mettler
  3. Josh Madsen

USAT Age Group State Championship (Women)

  1. Joanna Hall
  2. Meghan Schaeffer
  3. Laura Moeller

Collegiate Division (Men)

  1. Jeff Mettler (ISU)
  2. Mitchell Dotson (UMKC)
  3. Nikolas Pardoe (Minnesota)

Collegiate Division (Women)

  1. Sophie Rabino (Minnesota)
  2. Lauren Steinke (UI)
  3. Katarina Newcamp (UI)

Full race results at www.pigmantri.com.


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