Posted by: Dennis Green | September 25, 2018

Cyman 2018 – Perfect Ending

by Dennis Green

Heart of America Triathlon News

Ideal weather made the final event of the Heart of America season a pleasure for athletes, spectators, and volunteers. Nearly 250 participants hit the cool water of Lake Petocka near Bondurant, then powered through a bike and run course that was flat and fast, with comfortable temperatures and light winds. The ISU Triathlon Club, led by president Kristina Swenson, ran a smoothly organized race that went off without a hitch.


Click here for Cyman pictures.

Cyman is the final race in the Midwest collegiate conference series, and attracted competitors this year from Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Kansas, as well as Iowa. It was a particularly good day for the Golden Gophers, as Minnesota athletes captured both the overall crowns. Nikolas Pardoe won the men’s race with a 1:03:31, and Heather Taylor the women’s in 1:12:40.

Outside of the collegiate competition, the race was a tale of two Rons. Ron Geirut, fresh from winning the 60-64 age group at Sprint Nationals, torched the field. His 1:07:54 was the 6th fastest time of the day, and the envy of athletes a third his age.

Full Cyman results at this link.

Cyman is the championship race for the Heart of America series. Twenty-two points winners qualified to race in the Champions Wave for the chance to win free entries in 2019. The competition is age-equalized according to a formula developed by USA Track and Field.

2018 HOA men

Men’s Heart of America Champions Wave winners

Sentimental favorite Ron Ottoway, 81, has raced seventeen times at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, and has thrilled friends and fellow competitors with a return to racing after battling lymphoma in 2013. The crowd at the awards ceremony erupted in cheers when he was announced as the Heart of America Champions Wave winner.

Along with female champ Kim Sprenger, Ron wins free entries to each Heart of America race next year.

Congratulations to the rest of the top five, too!

HOA 2018 Women

Women’s HOA Champions Wave winners

2nd Place (4 free entries): Ann Vestle, Austin Jones

3rd Place(3 free entries): Brita Loynachan, Jim Hagelie

4th Place: (2 free entries): Katie Cater, Duane Staskal

5th Place: (1 free entry): Tami Fiala, Dave Steines.

(Correction Sept. 1, 2018: Fred Hemsath, 5th place winner, withdrew from the standings. Dave Steines moved up into the 5th place slot.)

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