Posted by: Heart of America News | August 13, 2017

Heart of America Standings


With one race left in the 2017 Heart of America series, Brita Loynachan and Jacob Ehrmann lead the standings.

Jacob jumps into the lead on the basis of strong finishes at Accel and Camp Courageous, but Adam Kassem, who won both of those races, is not far behind, even though he has raced just five times this season compared to Jacob’s six.

Brita placed third in points in 2016, then won the champions wave. She is racing in Minnesota on the 20th, so won’t be at Bluff Creek, but expect to see her in the Champions Wave at Cyman.

Top Five Females and points:

  1. Brita Loynachan: 6039
  2. Tami Fiala: 5410
  3. Ann Vestle: 4303
  4. Katie Cater: 3529
  5. Kathy Christensen: 3243

Top Five Males and Points:

  1. Jacob Ehrmann: 5048
  2. Adam Kassem: 4786
  3. Drake Austin: 4605
  4. Jim Hagelie: 4411
  5. Dave Steines: 4332

The stats include results Hickory Grove, Pigman, Quad Cities, Copper Creek, Accel, and Camp Courageous, plus Cyman 2016.


The 2016 Women’s Champs at Cyman

After the Bluff Creek Triathlon on August 20, we’ll announce points champions in Overall, Masters, and Age Group categories. Those champions are invited to race in a special Heart of America wave at the Cyman Triathlon on Sept. 24, racing to qualify for free race entries in 2017. Times are age-equalized to give all athletes an equal chance.

View the full results at

We’ll post standings again after the Bluff Creek race.

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