Posted by: Heart of America News | May 23, 2016

Hickory Grove 2016 – A Perfect Season Start

By Ron Adkins

Heart of America Triathlon News

There’s something great about the first triathlon of the season.

Rookie or veteran, expectation is as palpable as the scent of Bug Soother wafting from transition. Racing buddies re-start friendly rivalries. Everyone hits the water pale-skinned and full of optimism after the winter hibernation.

The 2016 running of the Hickory Grove races was packed with smiles, hugs, and handshakes as 200 triathletes laced up for the opening of the Heart of America Triathlon Series. The weather was perfect. Race conditions at Hickory Grove Park near Colo, Iowa were optimal and held the promise of a fast course.

That promise was kept, as racers posted remarkable times, many of them personal bests.

Again this year, Race Director Alex Syhlman offered three race choices – sprint triathlon, duathlon (run/bike/run), and aquabike (swim/bike), to best tailor racer to race.

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Reece Linder smoked the triathlon course, coming in first across the line with a 1:06:49. Laura Moeller topped the women’s race posting an impressive 1:19:44.

In the duathlon, Tim Petrie finished first with a 1:05:38. Top female honors went to Amelia Borgomainerio with a 1:26:04.

Top male in the aquabike was Steven Traynor, posting a 1:07:05. Valerie Schroeder was the first female aquabiker, in at 1:08:31.

Complete race results can be found at

This continues to be a popular race for triathletes of all skill levels. Syhlman was pleased that nearly a quarter of the field were first-timers to the race. Also encouraging was the number of triathletes for whom this was their third, fourth, or even fifth time racing at Hickory Grove.

Hickory Grove remains a popular race to begin a triathlon career. With such excellent course conditions at Hickory Grove Park, and the race choices offered by Syhlman, Hickory Grove is ideal for those new to competition.

And a steady influx of enthusiastic new triathletes, Syhlman agrees, is the best indicator that a race – and the triathlon sport in general – will remain healthy in the future.


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