Posted by: Heart of America News | July 11, 2015

Bluff Creek 2015 Preview

2015 brings a new date for the Bluff Creek Triathlon. It will be the only Heart of America Series race to take place in July.

2014-08-10 10.03.30Hosting a July race in Iowa can be a gamble, particularly when your event includes the tough Olympic distance, but the weather outlook for July 18 will be seasonal. Most participants will be sitting in the shade by the time the heat of the day hits. But with Lake Geode taking the year off, race director Alex Syhlman grabbed the available date.

Bluff Creek features both a Sprint and Olympic distance race. It’s also a part of the Midwest Collegiate Triathlon Conference again this year. Competing will be the top triathletes from Iowa State University, University of Iowa, University of Minnesota, University of Wisconsin, and University of Nebraska.

The race takes place in scenic Don Williams Park, near Ogden, Iowa. The race begins with a point-to-point swim. Participants are bused from the transition area to the swim start. Alex reminds entrants to arrive a little early, as they must allow time to catch a shuttle, which runs from 7:00am to 7:35am.

The bike course winds through Boone County, One particularly challenging hill was used for a scene in the 1996 feature film “Tornado.”

The run course is flat, but the first and last quarter mile are on grass and the park trail. Olympic racers are reminded that they need to make two loops around the paved part of the course to complete their 10K.

The race is still accepting registrations, so if you are not doing RAGBRAI this year, or the idea of doing a race to break up the drive to Sioux City is appealing, visit to register.


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