Posted by: Dennis Green | December 3, 2014

Pigman Long Announces Spectator-Friendly Course

bigpigFriends and spectators at the Pigman Long Course will be able to cheer for their favorite athlete throughout the run without ever leaving Pleasant Creek Park in 2015. The race is debuting a new course, designed specifically to make it a more pleasant experience for spectators.

“Triathlons are among the toughest sporting events to participate in as an athlete. They’re also among the toughest to watch as a spectator,” says race director John Snitko in a blog post announcing the change. “While athletes have the drama and glory at the finish, they have little to help them through the tough middle stretches of longer races.”

That will change for the Pigman Long, allowing spectators to view the entire run, which will loop through the Park. Snitko has arranged with the Iowa DNR to close the entire park to traffic for the duration of the race.

The bike course is changing to be more viewer-friendly, too. It will pass by the entrance to the park multiple times, at a spot easily accessible to spectators.

Because of these changes, race registrations will be capped at 500. Registration begins December 20.

Snitko says re-designing the run course will benefit not only spectators, but participants as well. “Ask any athlete if having encouragement on the run course is important. Most will answer with an enthusiastic “Yes!”

Snitko says a VIP viewing area will also be available. Details on the new course, viewing areas and more are at

You can also read the full announcement on the Pigman Blog.

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