Posted by: Heart of America News | June 3, 2014

Quad Cities Preview: For The Love Of The Race!

photo (6)It’s about to go down.

2014 marks the 12th year in a row the Quad Cities Triathlon has sold out.

“We usually sell out by Valentine’s Day,” says a very pleased Race Director Eric Sarno.

Triathletes converge Saturday, June 14 at West Lake Park near Davenport, Iowa. A 7:00am start is scheduled for the 500-meter swim, 15-mile bike, and 5k run.

2013 women’s champ Jen Paul returns in 2014 to defend her crown and course record. Two past champions top the men’s field, 2013 winner Corey Towle and 2012 champ Jeff Paul.

170 of the athletes racing are first-time competitors, a statistic eric is proud of. While the sprint distance is most naturally attractive to those just entering the sport, Eric adds that, “Compared to most sprints, we’re one of the races that have the most first-timers. We have a reputation for being a very friendly race” for newcomers.

The user-friendliness of the race, Eric says, is due in part because, “I’m obsessive-compulsive about getting information out to the people.” He also credits an outstanding volunteer board that helps him with all the details of the race. Together, they make the Quad Cities Tri Sprint a lot of fun.

Log on to the Quad Cities Triathlon website and you can’t help but feel the party vibe. From the mantra, “It’s about to go down!” to the adrenaline-building hip-hop score, the message is clear:

This event is a celebration.

photo (21)

A good race director is prepared for all kinds of weather.

It’s also a community-driven affair, and a labor of love for all involved. “When we first started,” explains Eric, “most people didn’t know what a triathlon was. But now, we have a lot of good people volunteering time.”

“Officials at West Lake Park have been so helpful,” he adds, “and the neighbors are very supportive.”

Friends from the Army Corps of Engineers help set up the markers for the swim course.“They’re out there with their GPS making sure it’s perfect,” says Eric.

And a few years ago, the county sheriff’s department offered to close major streets to accommodate the bike and run. The Quad Cities Tri is one of the few courses completely closed to traffic.

It all makes for a smooth race day and a great time for everyone.

For complete race details and information, or to register on the waiting list, log on to

And when you do, crank up the volume and get a pre-race boogie going.


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