Posted by: Dennis Green | June 18, 2013

Laura Scharosch Loves To Race

by Ron Adkins
Heart of America Triathlon News

Laura Scharosch was one of the “double-dippers” at the recent Hickory Grove Tri Sprint.

LauraShe and many others took advantage of a packed racing weekend to run two events in two days. The day before, she ran the Iowa City Duathlon, placing third in her age group. She competed in her first-ever duathlon at Hickory Grove the next day, improving to second in her age group.

Impressive times. Especially, she admits, since she’s only been running competitively for only three years.

As a teacher for the Midwest Athletic Club, Laura has always been active and placed great importance on being physically fit. But it took her sister-in-law, Jill, to lead by example to get her to start competing. “Jill did her first triathlon and I thought, ‘Well, hell!’ So one month later I did my first half-marathon.”

With a grin on her face, Laura admits that not training for her first race was probably a big mistake. Her advice to anyone interested in doing their first tri: “Train, train, train!”

She has taken her own advice and trains on a regular schedule, either solo or with her second family in the Midwest Extreme Triathlon Club. She is a three-time veteran of the Pigman Sprint, and ran as part of a team in one long-course triathlon. Her goal is to race next June in the Patriot Half Ironman in Pennsylvania. “I’d be doing it in front of my folks. That’s where they live,” she said with contagious excitement.

Laura is a source of boundless energy. Even after pushing herself hard at Hickory Grove, she still had plenty of gas in the tank to encourage others to charge hard to the finish line.

She is a die-hard cheerleader for her Midwest Extreme friends. During our interview, she stopped each time a teammate approached the finish. She was right there with a congratulations, a hug, or a handshake. “I love them,” she said with a big smile. “They’re more than a great team. They’re a great support system. They are what makes me happy.”

With such loyalty to both her team and the sport of triathlon, it’s no surprise Laura intends to stay happy for a good long time.



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