Posted by: Heart of America News | June 16, 2013

Gray Skies Are Gonna Clear Up – Quad Cities 2013

By Dennis Green

Heart of America Triathlon News

Threatening skies gave way to good racing conditions for the 2013 Quad Cities Triathlon. Aside from taking just a little extra care on the bike to avoid a couple of slippery spots on asphalt, the nearly 600 racers found that the clouds and light rain made for a comfortable race.

With hundreds of anxious racers (not to mention race staff) watching weather radar on their phones, everyone breathed a sigh of relief when the main area of storms bypassed the race. In fact, all that West Lake Park received was a light sprinkling for about 20 minutes after the race began.

Joe McGrath of Cedar Rapids said he was a little disappointed the rain stopped. “I love running in the rain,” he said wistfully, “that would have been nice.”

Equally nice was the sun, which came out just as the awards began, giving everyone a nice shot of Vitamin D during post-race activities.

Local favorites claimed both the men’s and women’s crowns. Corey Towle of Davenport, a well-known Quad Cities area runner who has recently added triathlons to his quiver, won the men’s race in 1:04:34.

Jen Paul of Le Claire, another familiar face on both the road racing and triathlon scenes, topped the women’s leader board, racing 1:10:55.

Full results here.



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