Posted by: Heart of America News | May 31, 2013

And Here We Go…

IMG-20120621-00277After an unusually cold Iowa spring, triathletes are looking forward to race season with anticipation, but also a little trepidation, as cool, wet weather has reduced training time for many.

But the beginning of June is here, and the first race for a lot of us, and the opener of the Heart of America series, is the Pigman Sprint.

The Pigman always fills up within a couple of weeks of opening, and 2013 is no different. Over 800 participants are signed up, and race director John Snitko is moving people into the race from the waiting list as he is able.

Be Kind To Your Fellow Racers Tip: if you’re signed up, but don’t care to do the race, due to the weather or any other reason, let John know. He can give your spot to someone else. Remember, race entries are not transferrable. You can’t give yours to someone else.

The water will be chillier than normal this year. Even if you don’t normally wear a wetsuit, consider getting one. You’ll be a lot more comfortable, not to mention buoyant.

Construction in downtown Palo means a slight change to the bike course. Cyclists will turn on 2nd St. rather than 7th. This shortens things up a little bit, so the turnaround on Palo March Road will be moved out a short way to make up the distance.

Last year, both the men’s and women’s Pigman course records fell. David Thompson continued his dominance with his eleventh victory, and Claire Bootsma won the women’s crown. Bootsma was also the first person to cross the finish line in the Pigman’s gender-equalized start, the first time that prize has gone to a woman.



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