Posted by: Heart of America News | May 7, 2013

Training Tips

PiglogoJohn Snitko and crew at the Pigman share some training tips:

Race season is upon us. Whether you’re participating in the Pigman Sprint on June 2 or either the Pigman Long Course and Olympic Distance on August 18, training the right way now is critical to your success. Here are 4 tips to help you get the most out of the time you spend training.

Technique Before Speed
Even if you’re well into your training, put proper technique before speed. The reason is simple: using the wrong technique will either slow you down or get you hurt. What’s more, if you make the right technique a matter of habit, you’re going to go as fast as you can on race day.
Break in Your Race Gear
Don’t pull out your race bike on race day and expect to have a good bike leg. If you’ve never worn a wetsuit until race day, you’re going to lose time in the transition getting it off. And don’t buy a brand new pair of shoes two days before the race. All your gear needs to be fully broken in well in advance of the race.
Transition in the Dark
If you’re racing the Pigman Sprint, you should be practicing your transitions several times a week right now. Taking off your wetsuit, getting your bike gear on, and changing over to racing flats needs to be second nature. Try performing your transitions in the dark. Yes, you might fumble with your shoes, but you’ll gain a lot of confidence knowing you can take off your wetsuit, grab your helmet and get your shoes on in the dark. And confidence is half of what goes in to ensuring a successful race day.
Run in the Rain
If you normally train in a pool, find a lake to swim in at least once a week. While training on exercise bikes and treadmills is a necessity for a lot of people, get out on your bike at least once a week in race conditions–avoiding objects, crossing railroad tracks, avoiding traffic, etc. It’s mentally draining, and your mind needs to be as ready as your body on race day. Get outside to run as often as possible, even in the rain.
As always, stay safe when you train. Look out for cars, don’t push your body further than it can handle, and ice any sore muscles or minor sprains immediately. We’re looking forward to seeing you on race day!
If you haven’t registered yet, here’s a link to the Pigman Long Course and Olympic Distance races. There’s still room. There’s a waiting list for the Pigman Sprint.


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