Posted by: Dennis Green | February 3, 2013

Hickory Grove and Bluff Creek – Race Twice and Save Big!


Alex Syhlman of True Time Racing tells us that not only were he and co-race director Steve Karsjens able to save the Hickory Grove race, they have added some unique twists, including the only duathlon and aquathon in our series. Read on for details including a discount of up $20 if you register by the end of February:

Bluff Creek Triathlon AND Hickory Grove Triathlon are back in 2013!
Bluff Creek Triathlon August 11, 2013:
Bluff Creek is moving to August this year.  Since Hickory Grove is moving to June we moved Bluff Creek to the traditional Hickory Grove date.  I(Alex) am getting married early in the summer and organizing a May race just was not going to happen this year.  If the majority want the race back in May for 2014 we will move it right back where it was.  If you all like the warmer water in August then we will keep the August date for 2014.
Bluff Creek Website:
Hickory Grove Triathlon/Duathlon/Aquathon June 16, 2013:
It is back at your request!  Thanks to all the people who sent in positive comments about the race last year and asked for it to return.  We hope to bring you another great race at Hickory Grove!  While we weren’t able to get in the water last year we are hopeful this new date will allow us to get wet again.  We have also added duathlon (run, bike, run) and aquathon (swim & bike) options so all multisport athletes can participate.
Hickory Grove Website:
Package deal – Hickory Grove and Bluff Creek:
It is cheaper to sign up for both!  Save $10 by signing up for both and save $20 if you sign up in Feb and use the discount code below!
Discount Code:
As a sign of our appreciation for all our multisport friends we are offering $10 off between now and February 28, 2013!  Use discount code TRI2013in the month of Feb and get $10 off one or both races.  As mentioned above you can use this with the already discounted package deal for both races and save $20.
Good luck with your training and we hope to see you all this summer!


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