Posted by: Heart of America News | August 8, 2012

Camp Courageous Run A Great Birthday Present For Maggie

by Ron Adkins

Heart of America Triathlon News

Camp Courageous Tri Birthday Girl Maggie Miskimen

Maggie Miskimen of Cedar Rapids posted an impressive 24:46 run as the anchor of the mighty Miskimen family triathlon team at the recent Camp Courageous Tri Sprint.

Mom Shelley kicked off the race with the swim, and dad Kent rode the bike course. But it was Maggie who captured the spotlight. The race was the first part of her tenth birthday party.

This was Maggie’s second Camp Courageous race and her fourth overall. She’s already a veteran of two HyVee Kid’s Triathlons.

Maggie is, without a doubt, a jock. Her favorite subject in school? Gym (although reading, math, and science are okay, too).

She started racing tri’s as a family activity, because “sometimes,” she admits, she likes hanging out with her folks. She really enjoys being part of the family team. But she has learned to love the sport for her own reasons, too. Maggie loves the exercise it provides, and gets a kick out of how people cheer her on to the finish line. Above all, she says, “they’re fun.”

Maggie keeps her tri training simple. She takes swimming lessons and runs with her folks. When not preparing for the next race, she does Crossfit Kids, plays with her friends, and likes to dance.

Mom and Dad are proud of how Maggie has become such a great triathlete. “I love it,” says Shelley. “Maggie has lots of energy so we like that she expends it in a nice, positive way.”

The Miskimen Family Triathlon team:  Kent, Maggie, Shelly and future member Casey.

Kent agrees, adding that triathlons are a “great thing to do as a family. It gives us a chance to do things together outside.”

Maggie isn’t sure if she will race another triathlon this year. She would rather concentrate on what comes next on her birthday — a pool party, a sleepover, and, she says with a hopeful twinkle in her eye:

“…lots of birthday presents.”


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