Posted by: Heart of America News | August 5, 2012

Camp Courageous Sprint Weathers Third Year With Success

by Ron Adkins

Heart of America Triathlon News

The 242 competitors at the 3rd Annual Tri Sprint for Camp Courageous couldn’t have asked for a better day. The oppressive heat of the last few weeks broke after a thunderstorm the day before. At start time, a refreshing 65 degrees prevailed under clear, sunny skies

The season’s weather, though, did have its effect on the course. Drought made swimming in the camp’s newly-formed lake impossible. The swim leg of the tri was raced, instead, in the 25-meter indoor pool. Racers took the change in stride, following a serpentine route through the 12 pool lengths necessary to complete a 300-meter swim.

Kim Sprenger of Iowa City took top female honors with a 1:17:24. Steven Davis of North Liberty came in first for the men, with a 1:07:20. Complete race results at JMS Racing.

That hunderstorm left a huge amount of debris on the run course. Race volunteer Greg Boheman spent most his day off making sure the racers weren’t running a steeplechase over and under fallen branches.

Race Director Nick Gearhart said that despite the weather-related glitches, the tri started without a hitch and was a smooth race throughout. He thanked event underwriter Transamerica and the legions of volunteers who dedicated their time to support both the race and Camp Courageous.

“When you come out here and see what a beautiful facility (Camp Courageous CEO) Charlie Becker has built here, you can’t help but want to get involved somehow,” said Gearhart. “You spend time out here, meet the campers, and you see first-hand what this place means for people.”

Monies raised through the triathlon go to support Camp Courageous. Every racer competing, Gearhart said, knows how important and special the organization has become. They race less for individual success and more for the success of Camp Courageous. “Any time you raise money for a cause like this, it just gives you a great feeling,” he added.

For a closer look at the Camp Courageous history, facilities, and services, check out their website at



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