Posted by: Dennis Green | June 4, 2012

Quad Cities 2012 – Going Down for the 13th Time

It’s About To Go Down…

The Quad Cities Triathlon, going down on Saturday, June 16, is the only race in our series with its own theme song.

Anyone who has ever done the QCT will recognize the thumping bass beat and sampled vocals that not only great visitors at, but is also played as the race begins to get everyone fired up.

Race director Eric Sarno says he started signing race correspondence “It’s About To Go Down,” years ago, and it became kind of a catch phrase.

“You wouldn’t know it to look at me,” Sarno explains, “but I’ve always been a rap music fan. So, a friend of mine created this remix that includes that phrase, and we’ve used it ever since.”

2012 is the 13th year for QCT, and the race has been full for months, but some late cancellations have produced a few last minute openings. If you’d like to jump in on this scenic and well-run race, email race director Eric Sarno RIGHT NOW,

The race is sprint distance, taking place in West Lake Park, on the west edge of Davenport.

The swim is basically a triangle, taking you around the lake. The bike takes you out in the country over some rolling hills. The run stays in the park, with part of the course going over park trails to give you some relief from hard asphalt.

It’s a beginner friendly race, with a variety of clinics and practice rides, runs and swims scheduled in the weeks prior, all designed to get beginning triathletes comfortable.

The swim begins with a time trial start, so that swimmers can get into clear water right from the beginning.  This also should be especially comforting to those who may be a little nervous about starting the swim in a big group.

There are no age waves. Swimmers self-seed, according to their estimated completion time, like in a road race.  Swimmers start in pairs, at 3-second intervals until everyone is in the water.

If you would like to get some lake time before the race, the Scott County Conservation Board is offering some practice swims at West Lake, along the edges of their roped-off swim area on June 13 and 14. More info at their website.

Also, at packet pickup the night before the race, June 15, there is a USAT question and answer session near the Lake View Shelter at the park. This would be a great opportunity for first timers to find out more about how to stay penalty-free.

There is an active Facebook community for the QCT, with dozens of athletes posting tips, offers to loan or rent equipment, invitations to training events, and updates from race staff. There are some good tips and resources even if you don’t plan on attending this particular race. Check out the page and join the community here.

Sarno also uses the race as a platform for stroke awareness, for which he has a very personal reason. He is a stroke survivor, and is grateful every day for the immediate medical attention he received that saved his life. “Most people who suffer a stroke do not return to work, and hanging out with their friends, let alone organize a triathlon.”

Stroke awareness is a part of the pre-race activities, and each participant receives information in their packet.

Race website:



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