Posted by: Heart of America News | May 22, 2012

Bluff Creek 2012 – Let’s Get It Started.

by Ron Adkins
Heart of America Triathlon News

A full third of the racers at the 2012 Bluff Creek Tri — 131 — were first time competitors.

Race co-directors Alex Syhlman and Steve Karsjens see this as proof positive that triathlon is a growing, thriving sport. “It was great to see all the new faces this year,” said Syhlman. “New racers always make for a great tri.”

The fact that all these new triathletes chose Bluff Creek — the first event in the HOA Tri series — proves to Sylhman that they aren’t just testing the waters. “Getting ready for Bluff Creek says to me that they did a lot of training over the winter,” Syhlman added. “That means they were serious about getting into tri and staying with it.”

Bluff Creek offered something for triathletes of every skill level. Racers representing eight states chose between the Sprint and the Olympic. Student athletes from eight colleges and universities used Bluff Creek as a qualifying event for Collegiate Nationals.

Bluff Creek was also a Midwest qualifier for USA Triathlon Nationals.

Top male in the Olympic was Jeff Paul of LeClaire, Iowa, with a 2:08:39.8. Top Olympic female was Jenny Saylor of Iowa City, Iowa with 2:31:10.7.

Collegiate top finishers were Kyle Siefers of Coralville, Iowa with 2:14:39.3 and Sarah Castillo of Madison, Wisconsin with 2:35:52.0

Winners of the Sprint were the husband and wife duo from Clive, Iowa — Reed Rinderknecht with a 1:08:19.7 and Kristin Rinderknecht with a 1:22:16.7.

For complete race results, visit

Lake temperature at Don Williams State Park near Ogden, Iowa was a balmy (for mid-May) 69 degrees. This meant the water was 10 degrees warmer than the rest of course. But strong gusts and a chilling mist didn’t diminish the spirits of the racers.

It certainly didn’t discourage 131 new triathletes from entering the sport.



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