Posted by: Heart of America News | September 13, 2011

And… The Champions!

Twenty-eight winners of the 2011 Heart of America (HOA) Championship series will race for the Championship crown Sunday, Sept. 18 at the TriHawks Triathlon in Coralville.

All season, all athletes who participate in an HOA race get points for each race they do. At the end of the season, we recognize the top three overall point winners, top three masters, and first place in each age group.  The more you race, regardless to some extent, of where you place, the higher your potential standings.

Each HOA champ receives a commemorative T-shirt and the opportunity to race in the Champions wave at TriHawks on Sept. 18.

Free entries in HOA races in 2012 are the prize for the winners.

Participants of any age could claim the top prize, as times are age-adjusted according the formula used by U.S. Track & Field.

Here are the champions!

Female Overall:
Kim Sprenger
Ann Vestle
Trina Dunham
Male Overall:
Craig Goldsmith
Guy Olson
Joseph McGrath
Female Masters:
Julie Evans
Male Masters:
John Grice
Female 19 & Under:
Allison Kindig
Male 19 & Under:
Brian Lentz
Female 20-24
Ashten Degoey
Male 20-24
Spencer Holten
Female 25-29
Elaina Mertens
Male 25-29
Jordan Witmer
Female 30-34
Janae Gross
Male 30-34
Chad Goldsmith
Female 35-39
Carrie Kimpton
Male 35-39
Michael Altemeier
Female 40-44
Kathryn Cater
Male 40-44
Jim Hagelie
Female 45-49
Connie Mann
Male 45-49
Andy Gnida
Female 50-54
Margaret Millar
Male 50-54
Gary McKibben
Female 55-59
Sandy Pint
Male 55-59
Gary Watts
Female 60-64
Jo Faris

Male 60-64

Dan Tucker














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