Posted by: Heart of America News | August 29, 2011

Nothing Stops Alexandra

By Ron Adkins, Heart of America Racing News

Alexandra Westercamp didn’t let a little thing like a blown tire discourage her from finishing this year’s Hickory Grove Tri Sprint. Instead, she peddled on, riding 14.5 miles on the flat. Her dedication paid off.  She finished first in her age group.

Winning races is something she’s grown accustomed to. She has a wall full of medals, and is a Midwest record-holder and a repeat state record-holder in the back stroke. Hickory Grove was her third adult triathlon. She won her age group at this year’s Bluff Creek race and placed high at the 2011 Quad Cities Tri, as well.  Not a bad resume for someone only 13 years old.

Alexandra Westercamp prepares mentally for the start of the 2011 Hickory Grove race.

A veteran of the Iron Kid series, Alexandra enjoys racing in adult tri’s more. “You get more competition,” she said. “A lot of the adults are really good swimmers.”

While she’s justifiably pleased with her swimming pedigree, Alexandra confesses that “running is growing on me.” So much so that she joined her school’s cross country team to keep up with her training.

“She loves school,” boasts mom Catherine. Alexandra is on the 8th Grade Honor Roll at Northview School in Ankeny. “She’s such a solid kid. She loves to be outdoors, and she would never do anything harmful to her body.” (Despite her daughter’s impressive record for swimming, and now running, Mom thinks Alexandra is strongest on the bike.)

“I’m asthmatic,” said Alexandra, “and I’ve had some serious problems with my health this year. But because of triathlons, I’m much better equipped to handle what comes along.”


Catherine echoes her daughter’s appreciation for tris. “I can’t underestimate the value of the life lessons she’s learned about reaching goals and working hard and being healthy. This can’t be taught sitting in front of a video game.”
Alexandra has made her passion for tris a family activity. Her brother Mark and sister Stevie (who postponed moving to help with her training) actively encourage her. And the whole family comes out in force for every race, to watch Alexandra strive and succeed now, and for what promises to be a long and prosperous triathlon career.



  1. […] Despite the perfect conditions, the day was not without its gremlins. Several cyclists reported spills and wipeouts. 13-year-old Alexandra Westercamp blew a tire in the first mile. Never one to quit, she finished the remaining 14 miles by riding on the flat. Read more about Alexandra’s passion for racing tris here. […]

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