Posted by: Heart of America News | August 5, 2011

Triathlons Part of the Road to Good Health – Brita’s Story

by Ron Adkins, Heart of America Racing News

Some racers don’t do triathlons just to post great times.

Brita Loynachan does them because the whole experience, in itself, is a great time. “It’s such a healthy lifestyle. And the camaraderie among the triathletes is wonderful. I’ve met so many different people, so many vibrant personalities that I never would have met otherwise. Just being out there with everyone doing this healthy thing” is a tremendous motivation, she says.

This is Brita’s fifth year as a triathlete. She was already an accomplished road racer when she enrolled in Rosy Lee Jones’s course on how to do a triathlon. The class was invaluable and inspiring. Upon graduation, Brita and many of her classmates, including Rosy, founded the Midwest Extreme Tri Club and have kept the momentum going ever since. The encouragement she receives from her club-mates, she says, helps her push through the personal challenges. “The older you get, the more you have to just fight the fight.”

Brita recently celebrated winning the fight of her life. Just a few months after placing 2nd at the 2009 Club Nationals in Oklahoma City, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent surgery and chemotherapy, and now looks forward to a very good prognosis. “My oncologist says that that part of my life is in the rearview,” she says. “My strength is coming back.”

Her advice to everyone: stay on top of your health. Do what you need to do to keep healthy.

“Cancer has made me appreciative of being strong enough and driven enough to finish,” she says. “It’s not the time as much as being out there and feeling good.”

Brita completed this year’s Pigman and is signed up for three more tri’s this season … and possibly, she thinks, an Olympic. She’ll race next at her 2nd Mini-Man, then Camp Courageous, and then her third Hickory Grove

When racers like Brita cross the finish line, it’s a victory for all of us.



  1. Brita is truly an inspiration to us all… and she was one of the biggest inspirations which prompted me to print off the “How to Start a Club” paperwork on the USAT website in 2007 and follow all the steps! This was the very beginning of the first triathlon club in Cedar Rapids… the Midwest Xtreme Tri Club is now 180 members strong!!! Brita is and always will be one of the most amazing people I have ever been lucky enough to meet through this great sport!

    Rosie Lee Jones

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