Posted by: Dennis Green | July 14, 2011

Cornman Founder recovering after Afghan shootout

A few weeks ago, we posted an update from Cornman founder Todd Eipperle, currently deployed with the Iowa National Guard in Afghanistan.  On July 11, we woke up to learn that Todd had been involved in a shootout that resulted in the death of squadmate Terry Paskar of Cedar Rapids.

According to the unit’s blog “Red Bull Rising,” an Afghan National Directorate of Security (N.D.S.) trooper opened fire on Pasker’s vehicle while it was stopped at a traffic control point in Panjshir Province

Todd was driving the vehicle just in front of Pasker’s and when he heard the shots, exited his vehicle to return fire.  He killed Pasker’s assailant, receiving bullet wounds in both legs in the process.  Todd was later flown to Germany for treatment and his wife Julie says he will be home in the next few days.

The incident came just days before both Pasker’s and Todd’s units were due to end their Afghan deployment.

Our thoughts go out to the family of Terry Pasker and also to the Eipperles.


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