Posted by: Dennis Green | June 23, 2011

An Update on The Cornman – From Afghanistan!

Over the last few weeks, we’ve received several messages here at Heart of America World Headquarters from fans of the Cornman, wondering how to enter this year’s race.  So, we wanted to let you know what was going on.

Master Sgt. Todd Eipperle with some of the Afghan police officers he is training.

You may not know that Cornman founder and race director Todd Eipperle is also Master Sergeant Todd Eipperle of the Iowa National Guard, senior noncommissioned officer in charge of Task Force Red Bulls Embedded Training Team.  Todd is currently deployed in Afghanistan, where he is leading a program to train the Afghan National Police.

Todd is scheduled to return to Iowa in July, but has no plans to continue the Cornman.

We reached Todd in Panjshir Province, where he said, “We did (the Cornman) for 14 years and are very satisfied with the race. So many things have changed in Julie and my lives that we felt the time was right to close the door on the Cornman Triathlon.”

Todd is also a longtime volunteer for the Iowa Cub Scouts, and earlier this year, set up a very cool opportunity for some lucky kids, a video teleconference that enabled Scouts in Ankeny to talk live to an Afghan police officer.  Read the full story here.

We’ll miss the Cornman, but are glad to hear that Todd is safe and doing important work for our country.  From all your friends in Iowa Triathlon, Todd, here’s to a successful completion of your deployment, and Godspeed for your return!



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