Posted by: Dennis Green | June 18, 2011

Quad Cities 2011: Warmer Than Sweden

Around 720 racers participated in the 12th edition of the Quad Cities Triathlon on a calm if cloudy day.

The men’s race was won by Jon Noland, a Quad Cities native now living and racing out of Tampa.  This was his second championship in a month, having finished first overall in TRI Tampa Bay in May.

Jen Foley of Davenport added the 2011 Quad Cities crown to her 2007 championship, and also carried home the trophy for top Quad Cities female finisher.

Full results here.

The Quad Cities race is very friendly for beginners, and there were dozens of first-timers.  One newbie, Beth Gylling, is new to racing, but not to this race.  A friend of race director Eric Sarno, Beth volunteered for the race for many years, before deciding to sign up herself.  “I never thought I’d ever do it,” she said

But, there’s a little more to the story.  You see, Beth recently relocated to Sweden, and flew all the way from Stockholm for the race, arriving Thursday evening. When asked to compare training in Iowa to training in Sweden, Beth said, “It’s colder in Sweden.  We had snow till May.”

Beth’s cousin Terren Peterson and his wife Leigh, also traveled to do the race, coming from Richmond, Virginia.  It was Terren’s first “full” triathlon, explaining that every other triathlon he’d raced had had the swim cancelled, a somewhat common occurrence in areas where races often feature ocean swims.  Choppy waves can force swim cancellations.  Leigh, a tri vet, won the Peterson grudge match, finishing ahead of her husband.  Both Petersons said they were thankful for the “flat water of the Midwest.”

Check out our Quad Cities photo gallery on the Heart of America News Facebook Page.  And “like” us as long as you’re visiting there!


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