Posted by: Dennis Green | June 5, 2011

Pigman Sprint: A Perfect 20th

In 20 years, racers in the Pigman Sprint have seen just about everything: Heat, cold, rain, storms, wind, you name it.  Nature’s twentieth anniversary gift to the race this year, was as Pigman vet Ron Gierut put it:  “Another. Perfect. Day.”

One hundred fifty-two individual participants completed Pigman I in 1992.  In 2011, the number was over 800.

Race director John Snitko pulled out all the stops for the occasion, offering special cash prizes for the 20th fastest swim, bike, run and overal times for both men and women.

Several participants who were around for the first Pigman raced in 2011, including Peter Ylvisaker, who has perfect attendance, racing in each of the 20 Pigman events. A truly mind-boggling record. 80-year-old Lyle Roberts even dressed for the occasion collecting his age group champion award wearing his original 1992 Pigman T-shirt!

The weather was perfect, and times were fast.  On the men’s side, Dan Hedgecock of St. Paul won the crown.  His time of 1:01:56 was less than a minute off the course record.  Tami Ritchie of Ankeny won the women’s race in 1:11:25.

After the race, participants chowed down on the traditional post-race pizza and fruit.  Age group winners, as is custom for this race, received Pigman piggy banks as trophies, along with special 20th anniversary Pigman paperweights.

There were a lot of smiles as participants packed up, enjoying sunshine and moderate temps.  The quote of the day, though, had to go to Tom Rutowski of Iowa City, a cellular biologist who in his bio said he’d like to “thank my endoplasmic reticulum for secreting all of the hormones and growth factors that help me train and recover!”


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